Thursday, June 26, 2008

Local Sensation: Josephine Collective.

By far one of the most influential bands from the Kansas City area in the past few years, wouldn't surprise me if they became the next Get Up Kids.

Saw them for the first time open for Angels and Airwaves in 2006, since i've seen them tear up local stages on Warped Tour, all the while signed to Warner Bros.' record label.

Their newest release, We Are The Air shows how much they've matured and how legit they're ready to be.

They've had a few style changes over the years, getting more poppy, but I think they've settled into a more rigid Pop Punk/Alt Rock scene. I think I can succinctly describe them as a more generic taking back sunday who grew up this side of the post-hardcore scene.

Enjoy a few tracks, hit em up with some love. And if you get the chance to catch a show, do it. Its one of the best non-hardcore acts you'll see from any local band.

Clementine - Josephine Collective

Living - Josephine Collective

Lye - Josephine Collective

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