Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MGMT... haha, Sarkozy. Haha...

Who blatantly broke copyright laws and then was a total dick about it?

MGMT: "It was totally Frenchie, over there!"
Sarkozy: "Yeah, it was me... I'll give you a Euro; would that help?"
MGMT: "No, jackass! I'm gonna shoot you with this bow
and arrow. Then we're gonna sue you for forty Gs!!"

Here's part of the original story:
And here's what broke today:

It would seem France loses another one.
On a side note, does this mean America's music industry is more powerful than the French government? Probably not, but maybe.

Message posted on MGMT's website:
"We did not want to be 'typical Americans' and sue, despite the amazing monetary benefit and chinchilla coats and Navigators it would bring, instead we are using the settlement fee the UMP presented and donating it to artists' rights organizations."


Anonymous said...

Kyle sucks!!!

shitler said...


james said...

that is by far some of the worst bowmanship i have ever seen! that drawlenth is obviously way to long for him. hahaha