Thursday, February 7, 2008

Album Review: Vampire Weekend


Release date:Jan 29, 2008.

The debut full length release and self-titled Vampire Weekend will make any hipster giggle at how relaxed the new-wave sound is.

Light-hearted and whimsical, this release puts an edgy spin on pop, and adds a new chill factor to your hearts.

With influences and kickbacks to west-african pop, afrobeat has found its way into the modern indie scene, and no one is complaining.

Carrying a not-quite-so-catchy feel to it, but enjoyable on all levels to no end. Listening to this will make you question whether you really had a vacancy in your heart for more indie-pop, but you immediately dismiss the notion because now you feel whole again.

I just can't get enough of this album, and I am sure it will somehow continue to surprise me months down the road.



I Stand Corrected

I really cannot wait to listen to this album when it is summer, and it will all come together.

Vampire Weekend deserves nothing less than a Fu Manchu's 4 out of 5.


Clint said...

Right on!

Kyle T. Mitchell said...

I first became aware of Vampire Weekend by reading some internets material I found after Ira led me to the Black Kids and I decided to read about them. I'm glad to see they have officially become moderately successful.