Sunday, February 24, 2008

Single Songle: "Turning Red"

Recently a project went underway called “Sound of Color.” In this project 5 artists were each assigned a color to write a song about. The artist that snagged my eye was Dntel, the main/side/lateral project of Jimmy Tamborello. His other projects are Figurine, James Figurine, and the most popular Postal Service. Previous Dntel work has been genius, but only accessible to those willing to immerse themselves in the static. This time Tamborello took the warmth of his assigned color, red, and made a song for all those Postal Service fans. “Turning Red” includes the video game bleeps that are reminiscent of “Brand New Colony,’ but simultaneously hinting at LCD Soundsystem’s “Get Innocuous.” The lyrics are some of the most honest and straightforward that I have heard in a while. One of my idiosyncrasies is that I am a sucker for love songs, and this is no exception. Tamborello gives his sentiments on a relationship that one should be comfortable and relaxed in, but for him it is still new, fresh, exciting, nerve-racking, and fun, which are all the feelings that one can expect at the outset of a new relationship. I am still digesting the song, but so far this single gets the Fu Manchu. I only wish that this could have been release pre-February 14, so that the Salad could have included it on a V-day post.


Turning Red - Dntel

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