Thursday, May 8, 2008

B-sides, I Love You: Wilco

In a few days, I am going to experience something that few have: a Radiohead show followed mere days later by a Wilco show. Wilco are sometimes considered the American version of Radiohead, but I think both bands are just too great to be compared to any contemporaries. To spread my happiness, I am posting some rare Wilco b-sides and some tracks from the best show I have ever seen (sorry Radiohead junkies, but Wilco is my favorite band).

Wilco – Sugar Baby
Wilco – James Alley Blues
Wilco – Passenger Side (Alternate Version)
Wilco – No More Poetry
Wilco – Monday (Alternate Version)
Wilco – Kingpin (Live at the Val-Air Ballroom)
Wilco – Olé Olé (Live at the Val-Air Ballroom)

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Yurena from Tenerife said...

I must say I prefer Wilco as well. Their music is fantastic.