Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ruminations about Radiohead's upcoming St. Louis show and some live mp3s

Radiohead, my favorite active band, is coming to St. Louis in just a few days. I've been scanning the set lists from every night of their tour hoping find my favorite songs included in the hefty list of two dozen that Radiohead has been averaging every night. "Idioteque" has been cropping up frequently, and Radiohead played "Paranoid Android" as part of their second encore a few nights ago in Charlotte. In recognition of the presumably mind-blowing concert I'm about to witness I'm posting a few live Radiohead tracks for you to enjoy.

Radiohead- True Love Waits (Live)
A studio version of this amazing acoustic song has never been released, although it is available on Radiohead's live album I Might Be Wrong.

Radiohead- Fog (Again) (Live)
Thom doing what he does best on this live version of a B-side.

Radiohead- Killer Cars (Live)
This Bends-era B-side may take on new meaning with Radiohead's global warming activism. I've had this song on-repeat since discovering it a couple days ago. This seems like a perfect sing-along song with its easy to understand lyrics and sweeping vocals.

Radiohead- Reckoner (Live)
Probably my favorite track off of In Rainbows. The percussion intro and Thom's beautiful falsetto make this a classic.

Radiohead- Lucky (Live)
If Radiohead plays this on Wednesday "it's gonna be a glorious day."

Calico Horse- Idioteque
I couldn't find a live version of this insane song, so here's a nice acoustic cover and a video of Thom spazzing out.

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