Monday, January 21, 2008

Singles Party - January 2008

Well, last night seemed to flow rather smoothly. Thanks to all of you who came out, or sent your music via the internet. Moustache Salad was really pleased with the turnout. Lots of great music was presented, and here it is.

Tracklist as played on 1/20/08:

1. "Playa Azul" by Los Amigos Invisibles (Josh)
2. "Never Meant" by American Football (Derek)
3. "Is There a Ghost?" by Band of Horses (Kyle)
4. "Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard" by Paul Simon (Barbara)
5. "Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning" by A Silver Mount Zion (Igor)
6. "Mr. Tambourine Man" by Bob Dylan (Jacklynn)
7. "Who's Got The Crack?" by The Moldy Peaches (Clint)
8. "Fireworks" by Animal Collective (Ira)
9. "Loose Lips" by Kimya Dawson (L-Dogg)
10. "Cavaliers and Roundheads" by Bloc Party (Bo)
11. "Angeles" by Elliot Smith (Michael)
12. "Ain't No Reason" by Brett Dennen (Jeremy)
13. "Kill The Monsters In The Rain" by Steel Train (Matt)
14. "Harvest Breed" by Nick Drake (Nick)
15. "Pool Jam" by Shaquille O'Neal (Moustache Salad)
16. "On Judgment Day" by The Beautiful Girls (Aly)

Singles Party 1
Singles Party 2
Singles Party 3


Kyle said...

Kudos on the "Pool Jam"

MLK, jr. said...

I would like to thank you all sincerely for the honorable tribute towards my cause. You really nailed what this day is all about. Music and fudge covered graham crackers. The world rejoices for you.

P.S. I once sported a fairly righteous moustache.

Tyler Tankersley said...

I believe Barbara to have brought the greatest.