Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beat The Veil (Pierce It)

Pierce the Veil, underdogs from the newest generation of post-hardcore, have always been known to be cool guys with a great sense of humor. And for some months have surprised many skeptical audiences (touring with major acts, I'm sure many knew not of ptv) with live renditions of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

With a small, but ever-growing fan base, Pierce The Veil makes it easy to love them as trailblazers of this music scene. Perspective on their scene: Mayday Parade, Envy On the Coast, Metro Station, Emarosa, Love Hate Hero blah blah blah

As it turns out Fall Out Boy just put out a new cover of Beat It (featuring John Mayer on guitar solos),

which is as obnoxious as it sounds.
And dollars to donuts Pierce the Veil did it first, because they're cool like that.
Alas, that's not why we're here, we are here (wherever you are, I guess we haven't convened on any location) to listen to PTV's cover.

Either way its hard not to love this cover, especially if you love ptv.
And perhaps if that is not the case, it may change your mind.

Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover) - Pierce The Veil

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Anonymous said...

sweet man, thanks!

Anonymous said...

beat it - download doesn't work :/