Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is not the time

Bloc Party dropped their newest single, Mercury, in grand Flux-esque fashion.

Kele stopped in on the Zane Lowe show (who covers all the greatest and latest including my favorite Magistrates) to give them the first pleasure of listening to the track. I would have posted up in advance if I hadn't the technical issues, but I digress.

Enjoy the trippy and surreal video which dropped alongside the single.

Finally download and learn to love the track, MERCURY.
Seeing as it will be what we're going to see from kele and friends in the very near future, get used to it.


Ira said...

This is definitely different.

bo said...

I forgot, I just found what wiki has to say:

It has also been revealed that the single is to be released on August 11, 2008.[55] The video was unveiled along with the single.[61] Bloc Party has also announced that along with the full "Mercury" single that will come on CD with 3 remixes, on 12" vinyl with an extended and instrumental version and on 7" vinyl with the b-side "Idea for A Story."

Following the revelation of "Mercury", Bloc Party's third studio album is expected to take an experimental, electronic direction,[citation needed] despite Kele suggesting this would not be the case,[62] having said that the sound will have the "rawness" of Silent Alarm, but the "experience" of A Weekend in the City.[63] Several new songs have been written for the new album, including single "Mercury" and another entitled "Ion Square".[64] In a live webchat in July 2008, Kele stated that the new album was in the process of being written and recorded, and that "it doesn't sound like anything we've done before and I'm really excited about it". He also suggested the album would probably not be released until 2009,[64] although in an interview with NME, guitarist Russell Lissack said that it may well come out this year, unless they "scrapped it and started over". Kele also told Lowe on Radio 1 (subsequent to the webchat) that the album would be released "[hopefully] at the end of this year".[56]