Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TV on the Radio Pushes the Boundaries of Album Titling

TV on the Radio is back with a new album due out on September 23rd. The album is entitled Dear Science, and is their first since 2006's lavishly praised Return to Cookie Mountain. The comma is included in the album title there, giving TV on the Radio's new album a good shot to break the record for most times incorrectly printed. Here's the tracklist from the album courtesy of Pitchfork.

01 Halfway Home
02 Crying
03 Dancing Choose
04 Stork & Owl
05 Golden Age
06 Family Tree
07 Red Dress
08 Love Dog
09 Shout Me Out
10 DLZ
11 Lover's Day

And last but not least here's a track from TV on the Radio's 2003 EP, Young Liars. TV on the Radio go all barbershop quartet on "Mr. Grieves" from Doolittle, producing a damn fine, yet still original, cover.

TV on the Radio- Mr. Grieves (Pixies Cover)


bo said...

I've been drooling ever since i heard the good news.

SeanDiS said...

thought you might fancy reading DiS' first reaction to the forthcoming TV On The Radio album

jon jon said...

don't stop til ya get enough