Sunday, December 2, 2007


So I have to take this test for my Theatre class that is 10 essays, and one of them asks us to compare and contrast postmodernism in the plays Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Assassins, so what do I do? I get on wikipedia and find this picture of Albert Einstein...rockin' the 'stache. I really like this picture because he is young, and hardly recognizable, to me anyway. It may be the excess amounts of Galaxy that I have been playing/watching, but he kind of looks like Mario. Now let's examine the correlations between Mario and Einstein:
1. Moustaches
2. Did not know the impact they would have on society
3. Cute Chubby Cheeks
4. Known for their work with physics (especially in Galaxy for Mario, all those gravity changes!)
5. Did not know their impact on society would be so influential
6. Kissability
7. Air of Mystery
8. That cute little belly bulge
9. Animal Magnetism

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Kysosceles Mitchell said...

You have forgotten some of the most important correlations between these two...

10. Passion for red things
11. With just the right flower, can hurl fire at enemies.
12. Hatred of fish
13. Extensive knowledge of household plumbing
14. Took America, Italy, AND Japan by storm
15. Scored BIG with the Princess