Thursday, December 6, 2007

She Lied And Said It Was Her Birthday

A few months back, I had a friend who recommended this music video to me. It was the Brit-Pop band, Noah and the Whale. With their confectioner sugar sweet single, “Five Years Time,” they invaded my ears, and have been swarming in there incessantly since. The video, with its Wes Anderson feel, will remain one of my favorites for quite some time. Despite the charming indie-pop quality of “Five Years Time,” I feel that their song “Mary” has even more to offer. A song about two people committing themselves to a relationship because they both think the other is in love. With lyrics like, “and in that perfect moment, I nearly ruined it by saying ‘I love you,’ and nearly meaning it,” we can see the problems with a relationship rushed. Despite their British parentage, the violins will make you feel as if you have stumbled into a bar in the midwest. This song is probably my favorite from the year, and will emerge again on Moustache Salad’s Top Songs of 2007 list.


duck said...

I love when I stumble across a blog that not only reviews some music, but then gives it to me. I'm a fan.

Clint said...

Thanks for being a fan! We are glad to make new music available to you. There will be much more to come.