Saturday, December 8, 2007

Interview: Scott Masson of Office

After Tim Nordwind gave me the slip, I gave in to watching the high energy show that Office had for us. Impressed by their set, I decided that an interview with Office would be  more likely, but once the interview started, I realized that it was going to be much more fun. The front-man Scott Masson, was very laid back, and helpful when talking to me.


Disclaimer: Masson’s answers are paraphrased because we had neither a tape recorder nor a stenographer


MOUSTACHE SALAD: How do you feel about playing a show with OK Go?


MASSON: We’re pretty stoked. It is nice to play with some different types of people. OK Go is more in the pop music scene, and we are more punk, so I think it is a nice contrast.


MOUSTACHE SALAD: You said that you were from Chicago, how is the music scene in that area.


MASSON: It’s great. There are a bunch of bands there that we all go to each other’s shows, and we support each other. Originally, I am from Detroit, and there the music scene is competitive in a bad way, cutthroats, and Chicago is much more supportive and we really dig it.


MOUSTACHE SALAD: Do you feel like the bands in Chicago have the feel of the Elephant Six Collective from the mid-90s?


MASSON: No, we support each other, but we like to make our own music, an define our unique sound. The most I would ever want to do is a collaboration.


MOUSTACHE SALAD: Your sound reminded me of Weezer mixed in with a little Fountains of Wayne. How do you feel about that?


MASSON: We get Weezer pretty often, and I like that because they are a great band. As for Fountains of Wayne, that is pretty weird because we just signed to a label that is partially owned by the bassist of Fountains of Wayne.


MOUSTACHE SALAD: Who would you say your influences are?


MASSON: The old stuff, like The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and there is this band that I am really into called Wire. Contemporary artists I like are this band called Black Lips and I also really like Deerhunter.


MOUSTACHE SALAD: What is your favorite venue to play?


MASSON: I’d have to say the Metro in Chicago. It is so big and the sound system is great. You just strum one chord and it’s like “BWAAAAHHH!”


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