Saturday, December 22, 2007

So, This Is The New Album/And It's Going to Be Very Different

...with an ellipsis I start this post because I have no words in my mouth to begin a real sentence. Death Cab had announced that they will be releasing their new album in May 2008. On their site, when you first pull it up, there is a piece of eye/ear/soul candy for everyone to enjoy. When I watched it and listened to it (do both, just listen at least once), I was reminded why Death Cab is one of my favorite bands, if not my very favorite. They had been falling out of favor with me ever since Plans, but this clip eradicated those doubts. I was scared that they were going to become some major-label-money-making single-popper, but how these few seconds cured those fears. But wait, the surprise doesn't stop there. Nick Harmer, the bassist, has lost, yes lost the devil horn hair-do... I don't know what to think anymore.


Ira said...

that was pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

hands down the greatest post in the history of moustache salad