Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Greatest Openers - Stuck Between Stations

Boys and Girls in America begins with a riff that, much like the rest of the album, seamlessly fuses a modern rock and classic rock sound. As soon as the piano joins in, you know you’re in for an interesting treat. Within the first song, one can already hear the more polished and musically-evolved sound of The Hold Steady. As soon as Craig Finn’s less-singing-more-shouting vocals kick in on “Stuck Between Stations”, it seems that he’d be more comfortable in a bar than a stage, adding to the pure rock experience that is Boys and Girls… Once the bridge hits, the piano takes over again, giving The Hold Steady a unique and gripping sound all their own. With its powerful guitar riffs and compelling lyrics, “Stuck Between Stations” sets an example the rest of the rock genre should follow.

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