Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just Jazzin'!

Hello, loyal Moustache Salad readers. My name is Kyle and I have been added to the official blog-staff. I have been told that I am here for adding more reviews on the movie/film side of things thanks to my complaining to Ira that, though its right in the sub-title, there is sadly very little movie action on the Salad.
I hope that we can get to know each other quite well through my blogging and your reading of my blogging, if we don't already know each other.

I want to start off our relationship by posting something I think that all of my fellow Moustache-enthusiasts will find interesting...
A brand new sound called "Just Jazzin'" from, who?
You guessed it!
Benjamin Gibbard, of famed Death Cab For Cutie!
Big Ben is quoted on his newest Myspace page saying, "....there’s this side of me and my music that desires a lack of structure and Just Jazzin’ does that for me because I am allowed to just play whatever note comes into my head", says Ben.

Here's a little Linker to get to that:
Just Jazzin'!

Let's hope Mr. Gibbard can conjure up some sexy, erection inducing jazz for us to bug-out to very soon.

I give this side project a Little Richard moustache (4 out of 5).

Update: Apr. 6, 2008

By the way guys... April Fools.


Clint said...

Thank you so much Kyle.

Brilliant first post.

Jacob said...

For any that may have missed it (friend ID is deleted now) someone YT'd it.